Between Perception and Action

Bence Nanay


 Funded by:

FWO Odysseus Grant (987,100 Euros)

University of Antwerp BOF Research Council KP Grant (7,500 Euros)





Call for papers: Philosophy of Perception and Aesthetics Conference, University of Antwerp, December 5-6.


Topic: The conference is about possible interactions between (analytic) philosophy of perception and (analytic) aesthetics: ways in which recent work in philosophy of perception may change the way we think about some problems in aesthetics (and maybe vice versa).


Confirmed speakers:


Catharina Abell

Jerome Dokic

John Kulvicki

Mohan Matthen

Aaron Meskin

Matt Nudds

Diana Raffman

Alberto Voltolini


CFP: There are some slots reserved for contributed papers (no parallel sections).


Length: 3000 words. Single spaced!


Deadline: September 1, 2012. Papers should be sent to


More info:




Essay Prize


Topic: The multimodality of perception. More precisely: How recent findings about the multimodality of perception change some of the classic debates in the philosophy of perception.

Eligibility: The Essay Prize is open to those who received their PhD after May 2006 or who are PhD students.

Length: 3000 words. Single spaced!

Deadline: July 15, 2012

Essays should be sent to

Prize money: 2,500 Euros. The author of the winning essay will be invited to give a presentation at a major workshop to be organized some time in 2013 on the multimodality of perception at the University of Antwerp.




Two-day conference on perceptual attention

September 1-2, 2012.




Berit Brogaard,

John Campbell,

David Chalmers,

Tim Crane,

Carolyn Dicey Jennings,

Imogen Dickie,

Katalin Farkas,

Christopher Mole,

Casey O’Callaghan,

Christopher Peacocke

Ian Phillips,

Jesse Prinz,

Susanna Siegel,

Barry Smith,

James Stazicker,

Michael Tye,

Sebastian Watzl,

Wayne Wu,

Registration ends on June 15.

First Annual Marc Jeannerod Lecture:

May 3, 2012

Pierre Jacob



Perception and Action Speaker series, Spring 2012:


March 22: David Papineau

April 19: Elisabeth Pacherie

May 3: Pierre Jacob

May 24: Juan-Carlos Gómez



New postdocs on the project:


Maja Spener

Carolyn Dicey Jennings (nee Suchy-Dicey)

Craig French


New PhD students on the project:


Angelica Kaufmann

Nick Young




One of the main outcomes of this project is a book with the tentative title ‘Between Perception and Action’. It is under contract with Oxford University Press.

The very rough draft of the Introduction is here:


Some related publications on the topic of the project are here at my publications page:

This page is very much under construction – more info coming soon.