International conference in the framework of the project « The digital subject »

How is writing revisited by digital media ? In what ways does the digital turn affect the three dimensions embedded in writing : the production of an artefact, the crafting of meaning and the advent of the subject ? We aim at investigating this new field of research from a variety of points of view such as philosophy, arts, neurosciences and archiving and welcome contributions from researchers in all those fields.

With digital technologies writing shifts from paper to a screen or a network of screens. But this is no move into a virtual world : writing is still a gesture, the body is still at writing, still acting under a set of constraints, just different ones. And that shift goes much further than a rewriting of rules. It entails transcribing, usually through digital duplicates or reencoding. It paves the way for what we might call tele-scription, writing at a remove via a technical device, exposing the fallacy of immediacy and introducing another strata of mediation in the process of writing.

This symposium is part of a long-term project, “The digital subject,”.

Dates : November 18th, 19th, 20th, 21th, 2013

Sites :
Conservatoire National Supérieur d’Art Dramatique
2 bis Rue du Conservatoire
75009, Paris
Université Paris 8
2 Rue de la Liberté
93200, Saint-Denis
Archives Nationales
59 Rue Guynemer
93383, Pierrefitte-sur-Seine

Submission rules :
The working languages will be French and English. Contributions may be submitted in either language and should not exceed 3000 characters. Please enclose a brief bio-bibliographical note.

Please submit your abstracts via EasyChair.
For further information, you may write to
Deadline for submissions : September 15, 2013.
Contributors will be informed of the scientific committee’s decision by October 1, 2013.

Organizers :
Pierre Cassou-Noguès (LLCP – EA 4008)
Claire Larsonneur (Transfert critique et dynamique des savoirs – EA1569)
Arnaud Regnauld (Transfert critique et dynamique des savoirs – EA1569)