Estetika Essay Competition

We are pleased to announce the second year of an essay competition held by Estetika: The Central European Journal of Aesthetics. The competition is open to graduate students and junior scholars who are now officially affiliated with a Polish, Czech, Slovak or Hungarian university or were during their graduate studies. For the purposes of this contest, a junior scholar is someone who obtained a PhD not earlier than 2007 (with extensions for those who took parental leave or had to leave academia for medical or similar reasons). Please get in touch with in case of questions about eligibility.

The essays, of no more than 5,000 words, must focus on topics related to the theory or history of aesthetics and the philosophy of art, and comply with the standards of academic writing, including the citation rules followed by Estetika. The essay must be entirely the work of the contestant and must not have been previously published. Essays may be submitted in Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Polish, English, or German.

A competition committee composed of mem- bers of Estetika’s editorial staff will select the best essay by 31 January 2013. The winning essay will, if necessary, be translated into English and published in Estetika, and its author will receive a free two-year subscription to Estetika and €300.

Please address all correspondence to Jakub Stejskal at