IAA Conference 2015
Revisions of Modern Aesthetics
June 26-28, 2015. Belgrade, Serbia
Call for papers
The University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture and the Society for
Aesthetics of Architecture and Visual Arts Serbia (DEAVUS) are pleased to
announce the Call for papers for the IAA Conference 2015.
The 2015 Interim meeting of the Executive Committee of the
International Association of Aesthetics (IAA) will take place June
26-28 2015 at the amphitheater of the University of Belgrade – Faculty of
Architecture in Belgrade. The theme of the Conference is “Revisions of
Modern Aesthetics”. We would like to invite all researchers and scholars
interested in this topic to participate in the conference with a paper.
The concept of the Conference
One of the important topics of contemporary global culture is the revision
of modernism and its corresponding theories, aesthetics and philosophies.
That is why we proposed for the Belgrade’s Conference the title “Revisions
of Modern Aesthetics”.
Reviewing the history of modernity and especially aesthetic transformations
in the 20th century are challenging issues for contemporary society and
culture. We live in a world of permanent change; a world of desire to get out
of the global crisis into the new world of unexpected modernity. Therefore,
the project, research, emancipation and the new are the important questions.
Through the paradigmatic models of modernity we will try to construct a
theoretical, aesthetic and philosophical platforms for contemporaneity. The
concept of the conference is developed in four sessions:
1. Modern Theories of Space and Architecture
The first session deals with the revision, reconstruction and research of modernist
theories of space and architecture. The aim is to show the viability
of space and architecture in the changing world.
Session chair: Dr. Jale Erzen, professor, Middle East Technical University
Faculty of Architecture, Ankara.

2. The Status of Aesthetics Today
The second session deals with questions on the status of contemporary aesthetics
that transformed the crisis of modern aesthetics into the expansion of
aesthetic thinking, politicization of sensuality and discovering new aesthetic
experiences and knowledges.
Session chair: Dr. Aleš Erjavec, professor, Slovenian Academy of Sciences
and Arts – Institute of Philosophy at Scientific Research Center, Ljubljana.
3. Contemporary and Medieval Art
The third session, relying on the idea of “historical distance”, indicates a
comparison of medieval and modern in arts.
Session chair: Dr. Vladimir Mako, professor, University of Belgrade –
Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade.
4. Art and Architecture at the Time of Spectacle and Media
The fourth session enters in the field of the fluidity, uncertainty and phenomenological
transformation of the society of global spectacle and media
Session chair: Dr. Miško Šuvakovic, professor, University of Arts –
Faculty of Music, Belgrade.
The Conference “Revisions of Modern Aesthetics” aims to initiate the
discussion from the field of contemporary philosophical and applied aesthetics
about who we are today compared to the past in relation to the future.
Aesthetics has a right to these fundamental questions.

Conference contact
The contact address for the Conference is iaa2015@arh.bg.ac.rs. Please
use this address for submitting your abstract proposal, your paper once
its abstract has been accepted, as well as for any inquiries regarding the
Conference webpage

Paper presentation and publishing
• All submitted papers will be presented during the Conference. More
information will follow after paper submission.
• All accepted abstracts will be published in the Conference Proceedings
• A selection of papers will be published in the Serbian Architectural
Journal (www.saj.rs).
Important dates
• Abstract submission due: March 31, 2015.
• Paper submission due: May 31, 2015.
• Registration fee for participants: May 31, 2015.
• Registration fee for visitors: June 13, 2015.
• Conference: June 26-28, 2015.

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IAA Revisions conference Belgrade

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