April 3 – 5, 2013, Pacific Grove, California

Program details are forthcoming. To register and book lodging, please use the online shop (above) or send a cheque to American Society for Aesthetics, PO Box 915, Pooler GA 31322.

Please contact program chairs Renee Conroy at Renee.Conroy@purduecal.edu or Graham McFee at gmcfee@graham-mcfee.co.uk if you are interested in commenting on a paper or chairing a session.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

3:30-6:00: Truth and Critical Judgment

“Function Claims About Art: What (If Anything) Makes Them True?”

Justine Kingsbury, University of Waikato

Commentator: Thomas Leddy, San Jose State University

“Aesthetic Experience, Expertise, and Cognitive Penetration”

Dustin Stokes, University of Utah

Commentator: TBA

“Butter knives and Screwdrivers: An Intentionalist Defense of Constructivism”

Peter Alward, University of Lethbridge

Commentator: Thomas Adajian, James Madison University

7:00-9:00: Panel on the Performing Arts

“Theater” – James Hamilton, Kansas State University

“Dance” – Anna Pakes, University of Roehampton

“Music” – Jonathan Neufeld, College of Charleston

Commentator: David Davies, McGill University

9:00-Eviction: Reception

Thursday, April 4, 2013

8:30-10:30: Symposium on Art Criticism

“What Should Critics Do? The Case of Literature”

Stephanie Ross, University of Missouri – St. Louis

“What Shouldn’t Critics Do? A Response to Ross”

Ronald Moore, University of Washington

“Criticism, Communication, Conversation, Craft”

Peter Kivy, Rutgers University

Commentator: Gary Iseminger, Carleton College

10:40-12:20: Art and Emotion

“Hume’s ‘Peculiar Pleasure’”

Dabney Townsend, Armstrong Atlantic State University

Commentator: James Mock, University of Central Oklahoma

“The Paradox of Disgust”

Jenefer Robinson, University of Cincinnati

Commentator: Amy Coplan, California State University Fullerton

1:30-4:00: Issues of Appreciation

“On Things That Aren’t There Anymore”

Jennifer Judkins, UCLA

Commentator: Elizabeth Scarborough, University of Washington

“Explaining Phenomenological Proximity in Painting: Some Challenges from Photography and How They Can Be Met”

Maria Forsberg, Stockholm University

Commentator: Servaas van der Berg, University of British Columbia

“Appreciating Bad Art”

John Dyck and Matt Johnson, Temple University

Commentator: Madeleine Ransom, University of British Columbia

4:15-6:00: Author Meets Critics: The Artful Species: Aesthetics, Art, and Evolution

Susan Feagin, Temple University

Theodore Gracyk, Minnesota State University Moorhead

Stephen Davies, University of Auckland

Friday, April 5, 2013

8:30-10:10: Music

“The ‘Problem of Opera’”

James Young, University of Victoria

“Is Music Multimodal?”

Jenny Judge, University of Cambridge

Commentator: David Clowney, Rowan University

10:20-12:00: The Aesthetics of Games

“Games as Landscape”

C. Thi Nguyen, Utah Valley University

Commentator: Scott Clifton, University of Washington

“Make-Believe Wickedness v. Wicked Make-Believe”

Eva Dadlez, University of Central Oklahoma

Commentator: Mark Silcox, University of Central Oklahoma