Art, Judgment, and Criticism: Special Issue of Art and Philosophy

Papers are invited on all aspects of art, judgment and criticism.

Various concerns and disagreements among philosophers and art critics about the correctness of artistic judgment, the extreme pluralism of the contemporary art world, and the nature of artistic properties (largely response-dependent and seen as culturally embedded), prompt a broad range of philosophical questions. Philosophical interest in art, judgment and criticism has often highlighted the importance of objectivity of artistic judgment and the role of criticism that implements evaluation. In addition, some aspects of the artworld indicate the hierarchical nature of art. As Philippe de Montebello confessed – “I believe in hierarchies. I believe in good, better, best, and I believe the museum’s role is precisely to help people make those distinctions.” However, equally often, the idea of objective art judgment has been challenged and attempts have been made to replace it by various subjective approaches.

Art and Philosophy (Sztuka i Filozofia), the biannual academic journal offers a forum for discussion about whether, at least, a moderate version of objectivism of critical judgment is still well founded or, are we just limited to one’s own personal perspective.

The issue will contain invited essays as well as papers selected from an open call for papers. This issue of Art and Philosophy is scheduled to be published just before the Nineteenth International Congress of Aesthetics in Krakow in 2013.

Guidelines for contributions: Abstract of paper – approx. 200-300 words; Length of paper – not exceeding 6000 words. All submitted articles must be formatted for blind review. Please send your submissions to the editor of this issue of Art and Philosophy, Ewa Bogusz-Boltuc,

Submission deadline: December 31, 2012