American Society for Theatre Research: Performance Philosophy Working Session

Performance Philosophy Working Session within the American Society for Theatre Research (ASTR). Call for Proposals below. The 2013 ASTR/TLA Conference, « Post-Thematic Conference, » November 7 – 10, 2013 Fairmont Dallas (Texas) Hotel. international, interdisciplinary research network Performance Philosophy seeks to draw upon and develop philosophical activity and performative potential of Performance Philosophy.

Performance Philosophy invites thinking theatre and performance anew, against the backdrop of current philosophical debates. Performance philosophers explore theatre and performance events into a new light, The specific material conditions of theatre and performance events have the ability to invest philosophical concepts with new life. Building on recent works such as Martin Puchner’s The Drama of Ideas and Laura Cull’s Theatres of Immanence, this working session requests paper proposals from scholars and practitioners involved in the interplay between performance and philosophy. the application of philosophy to the analysis of performance:

the philosophy of performance and/or the performance of philosophy;

the study of how philosophers and philosophical ideas have been staged in performance or how ideas and images of performance have figured in philosophy;

the theoretical or practical exploration of philosophy as performance and/or as performative; and likewise, experiments emerging from the idea that performance is a kind of philosophy or thinking or theorizing in itself.

Proposals (500 words) should include contact information and organizational affiliation (if any). Send proposal (as MS Word attachments) by June 3, 2013. URL:

Dr. Gabriella Calchi-Novati

Drama Department

Trinity College Dublin