The Conference is dedicated to reflection on aesthetics as narration and meta-narration. Contemporary aesthetics does not limit itself to the narrow spectrum of its traditional problems and interests. On the contrary, last decades were marked by intensifying processes of aestheticization of everyday life that resulted in extending the range of objects and phenomena apprehended by this discipline.

Consequently, we also observe an inner diversity of theoretical perspectives on these new issues in aesthetics as well as on traditional ones. This polyphony can be interpreted as its weakness, when what is underlined is the lack of consent as to its fundamental problems and common understanding of its basic notions, as well as lack of commonly accepted method of inquiry. However, it can also be perceived as its value, since it reveals the simultaneous validity of various narrations. Nevertheless, it seems that despite this variety there still remains a hypothetical possibility of creating a synthetic concept of aesthetics or its universal narration; or, perhaps, aesthetics itself can become a meta-narration of the new, emerging formation of contemporary culture.