3rd Annual Post-Graduate Conference: Kant and the Domains of Judgement,
April 5th 2013. University of the West of England

Keynote speaker: Beth Lord

�Our cognitive power as a whole has two domains, that of the concepts of
nature and that of the concept of freedom� (CJ: AK174)

The third annual post-graduate philosophy conference at the University of
the West of England takes as its topic Kant and the Domains of Judgement.
Kant�s Critique of Judgment is from the outset premised on a division of
freedom and nature between which �an immense gulf is fixed�. The work of the
third critique is an attempt to bridge this gulf and his perceived failure
to do so was foundational for subsequent German Idealism. Kant�s legislation
on the domains of judgement remains pertinent to contemporary debate. It
encompasses questions of freedom, reason, and nature and the question of the
priority and relation of these in respect to each other. As such it
represents an acute point of entry to contemporary problems. These questions
are not only relevant to the Critique of Judgment but also are prevalent
throughout the Kantian corpus.

We invite abstracts of up to 500 words for 20 minute presentations on the
historical importance and contemporary relevance of Kant�s work.

Suggested topics might include (but are not limited to):

Freedom and nature
The empirical and the a priori
The response of the German Idealists to Kant�s legislative division
Science and philosophy
Kant�s work in natural science
Kantian aesthetics and the sublime
The problem of freewill
Abstracts due by February 1st 2013. E-mail to philog…@gmail.com

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