16th Annual US/ICOMOS International Symposium

May 2-4, 2013

Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA, USA.

Theme: The Historic Center and the Next City: Envisioning Urban Heritage Evolution.

This Symposium will focus on historic city center and its role in urban heritage evolution.
Internationally recognized urban revitalization leader Savannah College of Art and Design will host the event.

The 35th UNESCO General Conference adopted the ‘Recommendation on the Historic Urban Landscape’ encouraging the espousal of a landscape approach to the study and conservation of cities within their broader urban contexts and their geographical settings. The goal of the symposium is to join in a robust discussion focused on the evolution of our historic urban centers and ascertain how they provide inspiration for the future of cities around the world.

Poster and paper proposals will examine the challenges in striking a balance between the potential of historic cities for future wealth creation and innovation, with the fragile nature of a city’s heritage, integrity and sense of place.

Sessions will be organized around three to five themes that emerge upon collective examination and a review of the most successful proposals. Sessions will be organized as panels, with each presenter allotted time to communicate his or her argument, followed by an opportunity for all participants to discuss the issues under the guidance of a session moderator.

Additional information and event details are available online at usicomos.org or by emailinghistoricpreservation@scad.edu.

For more information, contact US/ICOMOS Director Dr. Donald Jones at don.jones@usicomos.org or 202.842.1866.