14th International Conference on Ethics Across the Curriculum

Grand Rapids, Michigan
October 4-6, 2012

Keynote Speaker
Michael Slote,
author of Moral Sentimentalism
and The Ethics of Care and Empathy

Peggy Vandenberg (Grand Valley State University)
Deborah Mower (Youngstown State University)

Registration, Program,
Travel, Accommodations

Call for Papers
The Art of Morality:
Developing Moral Sensitivity Across the Curriculum

This year’s theme is chosen in part because the dates of the conference correspond to the ARTPRIZE event in Grand Rapids, an international art competition that brings 1200+ pieces of art to the city. The streets and parks are alive with performances, paintings, photography, and art sculptures, and museums offer free admission to indoor and outdoor exhibits.

Because different fields such as medicine, business, law, social work, journalism, and so on vary in the kinds of social relations and engagements between professionals and their clients, developoing moral sensitivity within each field may be something unique and akin to learning an art form. Being perceptive and emphathetic to the needs of others and the moral demands of a situation are important skills for moral action and essential for personal development. How we are to teach students to engage in moral actions and to develop necessary sympathies, perceptual abilities, and reasoning skills are pressing questions. In terms of content and theory, what are we to teach our students across the curriculum? What content in our classrooms serves to develop moral sensitivity as a personal matter, and what is the relationship between moral sensitivity and reasoning? In terms of practice, how do we teach them? What specific exercises, strategies, service learning projects, or artistic media develop moral sensitivity, and are the practices akin to an art form or easily applicable across the curriculum?

Although the theme of the conference highlights the art of morality across the curriculum, the Society encourages submissions on all issues regarding ethics across the curriculum.

Send submissions (papers, abstracts or panel proposals), formatted for blind review, by August 15, 2012 to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Society via email or in hard copy to Donna Werner, Chair, Humanities Department, St. Louis Community College, Meramec, 11333 Big Bend Boulevard, St. Louis MO 63122-5799. Phone: 314.984.7934.

The Society publishes Teaching Ethics, and papers for conferences may be sent to the editors for their consideration for publication.

Sponsored by:

The Rutland Institute for Ethics at Clemson University
The Ethics Center at Utah Valley University
Dr. James Dale Ethics Center at Youngstown State University
The Ezra A. Hale Chair in Applied Ethics at the Rochester Institute of Technology
FIPSE, the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education